Thrasher PTO and Staff would love to send a book home each month with every student, Pre-K through 6th grade, from September to May!  Scholastic Book Club offers books monthly for $1.00, so for $9.00 you can sponsor your student at THS. 

Research shows that children who read daily are more successful in the classroom. By putting a book in each student’s hands, we will help bring the joy of reading home this school year.  

We greatly appreciate your help with this amazing opportunity for our Thrasher students.  Please return this form with your sponsorship to Thrasher Attendance Center.  (Make checks payable to Thrasher PTO)

  • I will sponsor my student for $9.00
  • I will sponsor _____ students for $______.
  • I will give a donation of $______ to be used to sponsor students at THS.

Student Name Sponsored:_______________________________

Sponsor Name:________________________________________

We are still needing sponsors for 200 students. If you can, please become a sponsor and help encourage our children to read.